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CV-Joint kits

Smooth, quiet and built to last

The CV joints transfer torque from the transmission to the wheels at a constant speed, while accommodating the motion of the suspension. Their exposed position on the vehicle mean that regular checks are necessary to keep your vehicle safe.

Features and performance

  • Phosphatizing surface treatment: provides excellent protection from corrosion.
  • Wheel side stem threading and splines: formed using special manufacturing processes to ensure strength and long service life.
  • Expert interface management: ensures wheel hub and CV-Joints are closely calibrated for maximum performance.
  • CV-Joint bell is one solid part: means no welding lines for a strong, robust and reliable product.
  • A pre-assembled metal or plastic dust cover: offers extra protection from contamination.
  • High quality molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) lithium based grease: lubricates, protects and tolerates extreme temperatures.
  • Precision forged wheel side cage: ensures the driveshaft fits precisely but can be easily installed.
  • Pre-assambled ABS ring: included on the outside of the CV-Joint bell.
  • Gearbox side tripod: facilitates CV-Joint repairs if the bell is not damaged.
  • Rigorous testing procedures: include material, endurance and life-cycle ensuring long-lasting and optimum performance.

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