Simplified repairs and protected components for timing and auxiliary systems


Increased durability and energy efficiency

Premium quality grease in single or multiple packs

SKF's grease is a mineral oil based, lithium complex product. Suitable for wheel bearings, chassis suspension, universal joints and CV-Joint boots for passenger cars, light trucks and heavy duty vehicles.


  • SKF VKG1/VKG 1001 grease provides excellent water resistance and rust inhibiting properties.
  • Good mechanical stability and excellent oxidation stability.
  • Available in different sizes according to repair needs.
  • CV-joint grease comes in 80 gr single or multi-packs.

Anti-fretting paste reduces corrosion and facilitates repairs

Caused by even slight oscillations and vibrations, fretting corrosion can damage bearings and make dismounting nearly impossible. SKF's anti-fretting paste extends bearing life and reduces maintenance time and costs.


  • Reduction of fretting corrosion providing easier dismounting of bearings.
  • Easier removal of general industrial components for a wide range of applications such as nuts, bolts, flanges, studs, bearings, guide pins, couplings, jack screws, lathe centres, push rods, and spline shafts.

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