Simplified repairs and protected components for timing and auxiliary systems

Wheel end tools

Simplified repairs and protected components for an accurate and professional result

Dismounting a HBU 2.1 (compact bearing), but more importantly, mounting the wheel bearing onto a vehicle needs to be performed with caution. SKF has developed specific tools to ensure that the pressure for inserting the bearing into the knuckle is applied to the correct area (outer ring), to avoid damaging sensitive components.

HBU 2.1 mounting tool (VKN 600)

  • Wheel bearing tool for easy and fast mounting of HBU 2.1 (compact) bearings of all sizes.
  • No need to remove the ABS sensor or the knuckle from the car.
  • Applies pressure at the right area (outer ring), avoiding damage of sensitive components.


HBU 2.1 dismounting tool (VKN 601)

  • Wheel bearing tool for simple and quick dismounting of HBU 2.1 bearings of all sizes.
  • Future extensions will also make the tool usable for a number of three and four-bolted HBU 2 and HBU 3 bearings.


Hydraulic cylinder (VKN 602-1)

  • Extension to wheel bearing tool kits above.
  • 3 kg low weight hydraulic cylinder for even easier mounting and dismounting (18 tons pressing and pulling capability).

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