DAEWONSE is an automotive parts distribution company that provides customer value through automotive parts products

such as bearings, grease, and seals. We make a variety of investment and efforts to achieve this goal.

We're creating a community that can connect supply and demand directly based on quality products.

Every day we try to make a better life.

Auto Parts Franchiser

Customized market strategy in Vietnam/Indonesia/Russia

To provide local delivery service to OE/VSM on behalf of manufacture as a local stock keeper

Brand Marketing

OES Partners Rebuilt products for aftermarket

Genuine parts

Future (Create and apply the value)

Own Brand development for aftermarket sales E-commerce platform Overseas sales post office in each region

Sales Manager 
Yeon, Jeongheum (+82 10 5338 7799)  stone@daewonse.com 
Marketing Manager
Cha, Hoyoung (+82 10 4694 5338)   support@daewonse.com
Customer Service
Kong, Hoyeon (+82 10 3153 0324) osr@daewonse.com

Kim, Misong (+82 10 8692 8105) info@daewonse.com